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Alex talks about In Time

With the “In Time” premiere nearing (October 20th), Alex finally speaks up about his character Fortis.

Part of the menace of Dayton, apart from the possibility of timing out should one not amass a day’s wages, is the presence of Minute Men, who are thieves out to steal time. Alex Pettyfer portrays Fortis, the leader of the Minute Men – a refined 75-year-old psychopath (who of course looks 25). “Because of the character’s age, he’s quite articulate,” says Niccol. “He has more sophisticated taste in clothing than a younger man would have. That makes him seem different from the younger characters.”
Pettyfer offers, “Fortis is a bruiser, though not without a certain elegance. And he’s just a complete psycho, and crazy-hungry for time. I think the scariest thing about him is that he feels he has nothing to lose. He just doesn’t care. He’s just now gone completely insane and is on a rampage for more time.”
The actor enjoyed his trip to the dark side, finding it a liberating experience: “You can’t do everything you want playing a villain, but you have room to create. And I think that’s the most attractive thing about playing a character like Fortis; it’s that you can build so many layers with him.”

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Callan McAuliffe Talks About “I Am Number Four” & Alex Pettyfer

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